Co-Working Spaces – Why They Are Great

Co-working spaces have been around and popular for well over 10 years. What makes these things great, and actually stay open as a business?

First, you get out of the house. The dream of working at home on the couch turns into a lost afternoon of YouTube videos, household chores and the neighbor saying “hi”.

Second, you’re back in an office environment. You remember how to be a professional. Without the distractions of home.

Third, you’re in a very focused office environment. You stay on track and not lost in idle chit-chat and office politics.

Fourth, you’re in a relaxed office environment. There are no worries of a boss walking by and peeking over your shoulder. The only boss is you.

Fifth, they’re for everyone. Granted most people at the co-working place I go to are geeks. Along with engineers, accountants and graphic designers.

Sixth, they’re social. Every good co-working space has planned, weekly events. Examples are Wednesday morning coffee. Thursday board game lunches. Suddenly familiar strangers become actual people you have a conversation with.

Seventh, they’re located in the middle of everything. They’re located in downtown business districts. Neighborhoods with an eclectic mix of your typical brew-pub, cafes and shops.

Mostly, you decide when, and how, you use them. That’s where you live the dream of setting your own hours and focusing on what you need to concentrate on.

Shameless plug time.

The place I go to in Grand Rapids is The Factory. Why? It has everything I want and need as a freelancer.

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