How To Change Scroll Direction Synaptics Touchpad

How many have bought a new laptop and found the touchpad scrolls the page opposite from their old laptop?

Some Windows machines come with the touchpad installed to emulate an Apple/Mac computer.

This will help stop you from pulling the rest of the hair out of your head as you try to set the touchpad to work to your liking.

These directions are based on Windows 8.1.

Getting To The Touchpad Scroll Settings Options:

  • switch to desktop mode
  • right click Start
  • click Control Panel
  • click Hardware and Sound
  • under the header Devices and Printers click Mouse
  • in the Mouse Properties popup make sure the Buttons tab is highlighted
  • in the drop down next to Devices select Synaptics ClickPad. It should be the only device
  • click the Device Settings tab
  • highlight the device Synaptics Clickpad. Make sure the Enabled column is set to Yes
  • click the Settings button
  • in the Properties of Synaptics popup click on Two Finger Scrolling. This will highlight it and to display the little Gear icon
  • click the Gear icon
  • in the Two-Finger Scrolling popup look for the option Enable reverse scrolling direction

Wow. After jumping through all these hoops it’s finally found where to change the scrolling direction of the touchpad!

Make And Test Your Changes:

  • use the checkbox next to Enable reverse scrolling direction
  • use the Practice button to display the Virtual Practice Scrolling popup and determine which way you want the touchpad to scroll the screen.

Save Your Changes:

  • click Close on the Two-Finger Scrolling popup
  • click Apply on the Properties for Synaptics popup
  • click OK on the Properties for Synaptics popup
  • click OK on the Mouse Properties popup

Enjoy scrolling the way you want with the what little hair is left on your head.

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